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General info

If you would like to learn more about our services; if you are passionate about the project and would like to be part of it, or simply if you need help to join our community, you are in the right section. Send us an email to including your name, the reason for your request and your contact details.

Technical support

If you need help with an order you made or received, or require some guidelines on how to use our app, send us an email to including your name, a bried description of the problem and the order number you need help with (if applicable). Our team always considers support requests as a priority and makes every effort to respond as quickly as possible.


For inquiries related to commercial partnerships or affiliations, email us at including an introduction to your business and a description of the objectives you would love to achieve with our help. We are building a network of partnerships around our restaurants, to enhance the ecosystem, and we are interested in exploring opportunities with suppliers, food influencers and trade associations.